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beeswax sea ornaments

Beeswax has been used in art and ornamentation for thousands of years!

The pouring of melted wax in to molds is attributed to Germans, over 300 years ago, as they used their Springerle baking molds, which were ornately carved wooden molds, to create beeswax ornaments at Christmas time.

We use primarily vintage and antique stoneware molds and melt and hand pour every piece of beeswax art.

We use only triple filtered 100% pure Beeswax. It can change in color depending on what flowers or fruit the bees were pollinating, and the scent can vary as well.

Every piece has character and slight imperfections, making every one truly unique.

Simply store in a cool area, so please not the attic!

Beeswax can over time develop a white bloom, simply rub off with a soft warmed cloth.

Your beeswax looks wonderful hanging in a window as it has translucent qualities, and the warmth emits a bit more of it's subtle scent.

Walking on the beach here on Edisto Island I find small treasures that I often incorporate in to my wax creations, so you may find shells, bits of coral or sand, especially in the Sea Life collection.

I am loving adding a bit of crushed glass for color, and doing a bit of painting after the mold is poured is another creative outlet I enjoy.

 If you are a person who likes to paint, consider Beeswax Art from the low country as a great pallet, as many of our molds have wonderful detail!