The shock of wheat bundled to me represents fall, and harvest, and that sense of accomplishment we get when we feel prepared for what is ahead. I am a big fan of this beeswax piece, and I love the subtle enhancement that painting the gold acrylic gives. 

I think this is a wonderful piece to gift as a hostess gift, or perhaps a housewarming, it is vintage, it is rustic, yet it is classy. 

Measures approx. 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" and you choose hanger options and whether you would like it plain or painted.

Beeswax Bountiful Heart

SKU: 153
  • Please don't store your beeswax in your attic, while it has a melting point of 146 degrees it can get pliable at 100 or so degrees.

    If it develops a whiteish film which is called bloom, simply wipe off with a warm soft cloth, which you may apply a tiny bit of vegtable oil to if needed.

    Don't wipe where painted, as you may chip or remove some of the acrylic.