This fabulous beeswax Peacock has amazing detail that wraps around the sides of the rectangular block of wax. The bottom is flat so it stands alone, but if you would like a hanger just select that option.

An exquisite piece of beeswax art, sure to charm any and all bird lovers on your list!

Measures 2 1/4" across by 3 3/4" high by close to an inch thick.

Beeswax Peacock Block

SKU: 140
  • Please don't store your beeswax in your attic, while it has a melting point of 146 degrees it can get pliable at 100 or so degrees.

    If it develops a whiteish film which is called bloom, simply wipe off with a warm soft cloth, which you may apply a tiny bit of vegtable oil to if needed.